Service & Repair

If you find your timepiece or jewelry needs servicing, please bring your purchased items and warranty card to our customer care center.

Carat & Co. is not responsible for the wear and tear, damage and negligence, and manufacturing defect of your merchandise. Any manufacturing defect must be sent back to the respecting companies.



Warranty Products

Warranty items will cover any manufacturing defects within your specified warranty period. Water-resistance timepieces are recommended to get checked yearly for a water-resistance check. A complete overhaul of the watch is recommended every 3 to 5 years depending on the conditions in which it is used due to the great number of points that need oiling.

Please note that your warranty does not cover the lifetime of the battery, normal wear and tear, any damage to the watch resulting from physical/accidental abuse, lack of care, accidents (dents, broken crystal, etc), alterations from non-authorized centers and damage resulting from wear under conditions exceeding the watch manufacturer's water resistance limitations.

All shipping and insurance costs in connection with warranty and non-warranty services are the responsibility of the customer.


Non-Warranty Products

Voided Warranty or Non-Warranty products may be subjected to a service fee.

All shipping and handling costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Please be advised that we have the discretion to refuse jobs not purchased from our store.

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